TIER 1 Talk: Real E.Ts UFO’s & Angels with SpecOps Vets Michael Jaco, Col. Sellers & Major O’Connor

WWG1WGA includes the GALAXY. Watch & Listen in to real-life stories from these LEGENDARY SpecOps Warriors still serving humanity in our Spiritual War at an ELITE Level. Guests include former Navy SEAL Team 6/DevGRU & CIA Michael Jaco, The Unit’s Colonel Chuck Sellers (retired) and U.S. Army Major Jim O’Connor (retired), now a Bishop ordained to Exorcise Demons (Spiritual Warriors of God, all of them). 


This is a GALACTIC Insight into THEIR Stories you won’t want to miss.


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— Disclaimer —
These are opinions of completely Sovereign Souls who proudly send out love to our brothers and sisters across the Universe. Those on the side of God and Light, who stand as an Amassing, ‘Shall Not Be InFringed’ Majority ? This show is for Entertainment purposes only. You watch, listen, and laugh at your own risk.


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