TICK,TOCK: ? Are there Only 30 Days to 2022’s Stock Market Crash, then $500/oz Silver & #RippleXRP Army’s SEC Vindication?

Dr. Elliott is a 2x Phd & Sovereign Economist whom Advises Billionaires ato grandmothers with $300 in savings….to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with his team now at
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Within this interview, you’ll discover how you can become a King of your Newfound Fortunes…even while the USA faces an additional 27% uptick in inflation by year’s end.

Of course, the S&P 500 is down over 25% year to date (which requires a 50% correction)…

Yes, we understand the DOW has plummeted 39% year to date this month (requiring a whopping 78% correction!)…

SURE, the Ripple Lawsuit between the SEC has dragged on for 2 years…and it certainly appears Bitcoin and Ethereum were preferred — some would say, conspired upon — by those in power at this government organization.

And yes, over $35Trillion in gold was reported to have been bought up recently…(hmm…didn’t hear about this on mainstream news, right).

So what does all this mean for the coming stock market collapse, and how to maneuver yourself to prosper?

Check in now as we cover off with numerous, independent experts in the financial and legal space.

Because this information could literally help YOU pivot to an investment strategy to generate a new found Fortune as Babylon Falls.

We trust this entertaining, real-time information is of great value to you. Enjoy!

~The Bling’d Buddha

PS: With physical silver currently trading around $20/oz, and many saying current geopolitical situations, war, mass inflation and demand for manufacturing with silver skyrocketing, it’s felt physical silver bullion could leap to $500/oz (even $1,000/oz) in 24 months…

THIS ALONE COULD literally HELP YOU and all of humanity — even a grocery store clerk dollar cost averaging in — AMASS A FORTUNE in a short period of time.

Dr. Elliott is a 2x PhD Economist and Sovereign Wealth Advisor to Billionaires. He even helps grandmothers with as little as $300 in savings, as the mantra of his firm is “People Over Profit”.

To schedule a FREE Consultation with his team and learn how you can buy silver bullion from anywhere in the world…or even rollover your IRA or savings penalty-free by allocating a portion into precious metals…fill out the short form here.


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