The GRAY MAN: A Real Life JAMES BOND ? Shares His Conscious AWAKENING as a former TIER 1, British Special Forces SRR OPERATOR…

While others were taking their driver’s test, at 16, following the footsteps of his bloodline, Mark B joined the British Army to combat evil.

A year later, the IRA were lobbing grenades at him and his mates…and driving IEDs (VBIDS) into their checkpoints.  

At 23, Mark became the youngest ever to pass the gruelling, 6-month long British Special Forces Selection Training for the SAS, SBS, and SRR. 

His decades of service at the most elite levels as a Tier 1 Special Forces Operation in the UK’s ultra-secretive Special Reconnaissance Regiment saw him traveling from one world hot-spot to the next. 

Mark B has lived in the shadows for decades, helping serve humanity with specialized his specialized skills to crackdown and fight evil. 

Now, in his first-ever interview, this heroic Warrior joins us to share his story of his very own Spiritual Awakening.   

Join us as this heroic, honourable warrior, reveals what it was like to tap into a greater level of consciousness while he continues to serve the greater good in the private sector as the Director of Operations at 

~The Bling’d Buddha.

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