Patriotic ?Candidate 4 GOVERNOR IN EXILE Exposes MASS Human Trafficking & Voter Fraud (WWG1WGA)

His brake lines have been cut.  His tires slashed. He’s had threats against his life.  He has to move from house to house every 2-3 days…


Yet he still continues to press on, exposing MASSIVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING and VOTER FRAUD in Vermont…


It’s like a JASON BOURNE-type story from the big screen, yet this is an every day reality for Vermont’s Candidate for Governor, Kevin Hoyt. 


Mr. Hoyt’s no stranger to evil. His family has fought for Freedom for generations….his bloodline traces back to the 16th Century in Vermont. The Hoyt family fought in the American Revolution against the tyrannical English King and his Red Coats, the family fought again in the Civil War to abolish slavery…


And now, having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt his 2018 election was stolen from him (by a Chicagoan later arrested on warrants for felonies in Illinois), he runs again a Candidate for Governor. 

Further, undeterred, he presses on, meeting daily with fellow Vermonters while simultaneously pressing forth with his investigations which continue to expose both massive Voter Fraud and Trafficking in the State of Vermont. 

Thus far, information he has gleaned has helped officials conducting a broad RICO case arrest and/or try dozens of government officials, members of law enforcement, judges, Vermont administrators, a Sheriff, and 43 incumbents posing as patriots in Vermont.  


Tune in as Mr. Hoyt shares in detail the web of lies, deception, and corruption at all levels of Vermont, how he’s part of a RICO case persecuting public officials who committed voter fraud and child trafficking, and what lessons he has for others who are ready to take back their state, their province, and their community from the clutches of evil. 


If there is another example of a Patriot for America, a citizen soldier whom stands for the freedoms of its Constitution, you’ll be hard pressed to find one. 


Please Donate $ and/or Prayers to Help Kevin’s Ongoing Campaign Against Tyranny Here


Tune in now and enjoy!


~ The Bling’d Buddha



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