KEY PARENTING ADVICE from Lion ? Mama’s on How to Raise Spiritually Strong, Emotionally Fit Children

Reiki Masters, Reflexologists, Holistic Natural Health Practitioners and Divine Mama Bears, Christy DeArment & Judy Koons, have (and are) raising six kids between their two families.

They join us in this vibrant conversation chalk full of quips, tips, and benevolent stories sharing critical life advice on everything from cultivating emotional intelligence in the family unit, tricks when raising children as a single parent, why “chore lists” may not work, what asking probing questions is about, and how to create a family environment which allows your “kids to live their light.”

We deep dive further into their experiences of exploring home schooling versus the public school systems, natural birthing babies with Dulas versus the allopathic system commonly known to traumatize mother and baby, simple techniques to create empowerment over punishment, and gain fresh perspectives as to how integrated families can effectively manage co-parenting with others…

The combined CENTURY plus of experience from Christy and Judy provides for a remarkable education on these child-rearing topics.

Furthermore, their unique backgrounds – where one was born on a small farm in Northern British Columbia then became a professional horse trainer and Rolfer, the other raised in Michigan who paid her way through college to achieve her law degree – and the parenting approaches they apply in their own homes while overcoming life’s many challenges, conveys a wild blend of parenting styles…the outcome being, all 6 of their children turn out AWESOME! Who wouldn’t want to see a world where heart-centred, deeply respectful, emotionally fit and spiritually strong kids blossom to be the future leaders of our new earth, right!

We trust you’ll enjoy another epic interview on what could very well help shape our future generations – one where these star seed harness self-love, foster critical thinking skills, are wildly creative, collaborate with others, enjoy a wealth of confidence, and share their enlightened skills with delight…sacred gifts which propel us all forward as they pursue their dreams with an unbridled vigour.

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Tune in now and enjoy!

~ The Bling’d Buddha ?

PS:  The following was mentioned during the show: “If I spoon fed my child vaccine ingredients, I’d be in prison.”
~America’s Frontline Nurses
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