Kevin Hoyt, The Bling’d Buddha & Nick Sylvester Share COSMIC ORIGIN ? TRUTH TOUR Speaker Highlights as sponsored by Lewis Herms of ScrewBigGov

The Bling’d Buddha gathers with Nick Sylvester & Kevin Hoyt to recap some of the POWERFUL moments shared by each of the 20 Speakers at last week’s COSMIC TRUTH TOUR roundtable event — sponsored by Lewis Herms and his stellar team at (think this video as a TSN Sports Center Highlights Reel…) 


Some of The Divine Cosmic Crew Speakers included: Michael Jaco, Tracy jo Jaco, Huna FLASH, Tarot by Janine, Laura Eisenhower, Mark Attwood, David Mahoney, and more! 


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These are opinions of complete Sovereign Souls who proudly send out love to our brothers and sisters worldwide who stand as a Small, Fringe Minority. This show is for Entertainment purposes only. You watch, listen, and laugh at your own risk.

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