How to Tap Into Your Natural Born SUPER Powers, Chakras Leaving Earth, Quantum, Telepathy, StarSeeds

“Super Heroes” are action figures the masses look up to…but what if each one of us possesses some of those same powers…from telepathy, to clairsentience, to healing across vast differences…many studies have documented humans with these abilities, which seem to be on the rise. 

It begs us to then question this and other esoteric philosophies and divine messages channeled by others of our time: Are we really becoming superhuman? Why are the Chakra Systems leaving the new earth? How did Buddha & Jesus heal with their hands? Can everyone remote view? Science proves you can connect through quantum entanglement from the other side of the world. Will others wake up to their spiritual quest and raise their consciousness in this golden age of Aquarius? 

Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, 2x Optioned Hollywood Screenwriter & former Canadian Infantry Soldier, Brad Wozny interviews Christy DeArment — a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Clairvoyant, and former Chicago Attorney who received her BA from Michigan State —  as these light workers share science & truth bombs of enlightened life advice you can use right now.

In this powerful, one hour program of love, laughter & levity, watch & listen to them discuss several things ancient, current, and quantum with actionable intel & steps to help everyone from awakened patriots, healers, & divine truth seekers around the world, discover some of the remarkable capabilities each human harnesses within themselves right now (and how to unleash them).

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