How Does Humanity’s HIDDEN HISTORY Shape The New Earth ? GALACTIC EVENTS We Are Now Experiencing?

Brad Olsen is the Founder of CCC Publishing, representing esteemed authors whom further uplift humanity’s consciousness by revealing the mystical and current events kept hidden from the world as we know it. 


As an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Expert on Humanity’s Hidden History, Brad has appeared numerous times on The HISTORY Channel Series “Ancient Aliens”, Coast To Coast, Contact in The Desert, and many, many more. 


He joins us in this episode to discuss the latest novels he has written: Modern Esoteric, Future Esoteric, and Beyond Esoteric…


A book trilogy which reveals some of the biggest ‘conspiracies’ as modern-day facts, unveils secrets of consciousness and quantum physics, answers many questions about our Galactic Origins, and shares what may come soon of our new earth if humanity does not rise up to stop the dark agenda being waged upon the world right now. 


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~The Bling’d Buddha


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Our videos range from both popular, ancient history, and esoteric topics, to objects, all things quantum, radically hidden human history and our galactic, star seed origins, to finance-related subjects from cryptocurrencies and NFTs to the precious metals of silver and gold, to natural healing modalities, spiritually uplifting exploration, and holistic health, plus other helpful resources. 


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