Co-Founder & Rising Country Star Donny Mac on Hospital Pronouncing him DEAD, then Waking Up Over 1 Later & the Struggles of a Cowboy Singer-Songwriter on the Road to Nashville

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You may not be into the country life. Or heck, not even a country music lover…However, we are all inspired by those classic tales of human achievement in the face of great diversity….THIS IS one of those stories.


The Sovereign Soul show is fortunate to deliver a primal and powerful interview with a proud Canadian — a country boy with Nashville in his heart, who’s life story thus far – going from garbage truck driver, to killed in a car crash, waking up screaming his lungs out beneath a hospital sheet 1 hour 27s minutes later, then taking a road to recovery…watch and listen to this man graced by God as he shares powerful life lessons of resiliency, creativity, and humility.


Donny Mac’s a modern-day cowboy and trucker supporter whose story is still being written…like tens of millions of people cast from the workforce without pay by a dictatorial regime, during the Canadian Freedom Convoy, Don McLeod tapped into one of his developing talents: Songwriting, singing, and playing his Morgan guitar.


He released song after inspirational song to support the truckers’ freedom movement — and without a penny in marketing — racked up over 170,000 streams on Spotify.


Unstoppable, Don keeps making new music to enlighten all of humanity.

In short, our guest is living out a classic country song of his own…and he likely hasn’t realized it until now.


Join us celebrating the triumph of the human spirit.


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~The Bling’d Buddha


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