CANADIAN Border OFFICIAL Wages HELL on Peaceful, Loving Grandmother & Her Family Returning Home

Sometimes the best way to tell dictators and men with Napoleon complexes to f*ck off is to laugh at them.  


Evil never likes it when you, a spiritual warrior of light thumb your nose at it. 


However, the reality is often more challenging especially when the gutless, spineless, heartless, and soulless jackboots throw all manner of intimidation, threats, unlawful detainment, coercion, harassment, and thrust abuses upon you and your children….if this happened to you, you would not be laughing at them (yet)…or heck, maybe it would take a long time until Justice is brought forth so YOU can have the last laugh. 


Such is the case when our esteemed guest from a previous show, Joanne Gerrard Young, whom happens to be the World’s #1 Natural Health Chef and Owner of found herself in as she, her mother, and her youngest son recently rolled back across the Peace Bridge from the USA onto the soil of the country for which they are citizens of…



They recorded most of the terrifying event, and update on the over $12,000 in fines levied upon them by this creep with a nothing more than a hall pass who easily forgets HE is a Public Servant…one whom is to Serve the Canadian Public (and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms). 


While we did not touch on the fact the Ontario Provincial Police were called to Glenda’s house during day 8 of her 14 days of “mandated house arrest”, we cover a lot here — including the legal actions they are taking to fight back against the continued injustices being waged upon mankind. 


Buckle up as you may feel as much upset and disgust as we do, yet be enlightened by the resolute vigilance of honour this dynamic and divine Mother & Daughter team uphold for all humanity.   


This truly is a virtuous interview, which includes a clip from Canadian Freedom Fighting legend, Chr*s Sky (his name upticked due to the extreme big tech c*ensorship we endure) 


We trust you will enjoy…


~The Bling’d Buddha


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