AWARD-WINNING Author Reveals the Journey of Souls ? our Life Between Lives & a Sedona Method 4 Healing

Have you ever felt you’ve been in a certain place before or connected to a person as if from another lifetime? 

Have you seen repeating patterns in your life which don’t serve you? Do you feel you’re meant for something greater (Or perhaps even doing what you sense you’re meant to do, yet you crave to find out where you’ve been, discover what you’ve come from, and perhaps get a sneak peak at where you’re going)? 

For many of The Sovereign Soul show viewers, they’ve felt this primal drive to serve a higher purpose for humanity — while there are those at peace in their current roles, they personally choose to find ways to develop a greater sense of self as a whole. 

Tune into this one hour interview as Reiki Master, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, 2x Optioned Hollywood Screenwriter, and former Canadian Infantry SOUL-dier, Brad Wozny, interviews Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist, Melanie Smithson. 

After walking the path of a licensed practitioner with a Masters Degree from Naropa University, Melanie felt her soul’s calling beyond academia and finding ways to help her clients transcend beyond the existing holographic reality in a safe environment, and revisit the origins of their Soul Group. 

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