A HISTORIC Gov’t CRYPTO Scandal? “Rules 4 Thee & XRP, not for Us @ SEC (as we only love ETH , BTC & JPMC)”

This. Affects. EVERYONE.


So what the heck does the case in America — with what appeared in 2020 to be the greatest cryptocurrency thus far — have to do with YOU, an everyday citizen of the globe busting your hiney to survive and thrive after 2 years of global lockdowns, more ‘variants’ on the way, more ‘mandates’ being issued, central banks gobbling up precious metals, CBDC’s on the side of evil marketing their immediate issuance of digital ID’s, and additional property assaults at every level, and banks going insolvent? 


A whole heckuva a lot – that’s what.  


Sovereign whistleblower, faith-based patriot, and 5th generation Texan James “Jimmy” Vallee, founder of ValHilCapital.com, author, and one of the top attorneys in the States (likely the world in all matters crypto-related), joins us to share why.  


You see, last week a Federal Judge issued a statement citing findings the SEC has acted with utter “Hypocrisy” over the nearly 2 year case they’re waging upon Ripple, the company which created XRP — which until 2020, was on track to blow past Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


The hashtag #ETHGate has been trending back and forth over time, as many cryptocurrency investors, crypto and NFT exchanges, and digital asset analysts have weighed in on the outright preposterousness of a federal agency who deems the two leading crypto’s of the world right now (BTC and ETH) to *not* be a security, yet applied a different approach to Ripples XRP.   




Thus far based on documents revealed in the case, it is reported the top two cohorts at the SEC not only have a legal and financial interest in seeing BTC and Ethereum hold the top crypto slots…


Yet (wait for it)…


Just when you thought the crypto world was ‘safe and effective’ at assisting you in obtaining financial sovereignty, documents have surfaced all the way back to nearly a decade ago revealing JP Morgan Chase had a massive ownership stake in Layer 1 technology (think ETH and BTC folks)…not only did they have this stake, and likely may have founded its efforts…the top two positions at the SEC whom helped launch the case against Ripple on 12.21.2020 had served JPMC in their legal positions as attorneys working on behalf of Chase bank for decades beforehand. 


Let’s ignore the fact Binance and Celsius halted BTC withdrawals on their exchanges over a month ago.  Let’s not bring light to the issue Three Arrows Capital is insolvent. 


If this doesn’t have your head spinning, it likely should. Because we’ll put it to you this way…as of now, there’s upwards of $9 TRILLION in private losses XRP investors are entitled to (not to mention the repercussions as more becomes public regarding what seems to be a massive, corrupt, conspiratorial marketing spin for which at least one of America’s biggest banks and others at all levels have made their best efforts to conceal (some like to say they thwart humanity) from discovering since almost the beginning, a collusive syndicate aimed its sinister attempts to deceive the public into thinking Bitcoin and Ethereum’s backbone were entirely sovereign. 


~The Bling’d Buddha


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