⚡️WAKING UP THE WORLD?NESARA GESARA 2023 with Tarot by Janine, SG Anon & Col. Sellers (ret.) of DELTA

?PART 2  – WWG1WGA with Tarot by Janine, Col. Chuck Sellers of DELTA Force (retired), SG Anon, and more on NESARA, GESARA, Ripple XRP, Silver, Gold, Asset Backed Currencies, and Saving The Children. 


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— Disclaimer —
These are opinions of completely Sovereign Souls who proudly send out love to our brothers and sisters across the Universe. Those on the side of God and Light, who stand as an Amassing, ‘Shall Not Be InFringed’ Majority ? This show is for Entertainment purposes only. You watch, listen, and laugh at your own risk.

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