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Get a front row seat and get to join some of the world’s coolest, sometimes (most often) controversial, and cutting edge guests from around the planet.

Welcome to the Sovereign Soul Show

Get a happy dose of Cutting Edge Topics, Guests & Awakened Truth Bombs with lotsa Love, Levity ‘n Liberty.

We help showcase what many deem to be the real Truth, served up from Enlightened tell-it-like-it-is Patriots in an effort to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness. In our opinion we’re sharing MUST KNOW news, ancient secrets, feel-good stories, star magic, next-gen tech (like straight outta Star Trek,) plus tips, tricks, and success stories of folks from all backgrounds rising up to save their piece of humanity.

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A few of our recent episodes

Kevin hoyt

🙌KEVIN HOYT🙌 on Being SOVEREIGN, Bank COLLAPSE, Government Fails, 3 NESARAs, NorthEast [DS] Tunnels, & WWIII Looming!

Gene Decode

It’s God’s FINAL WAR, Ark of COVENANT Discovery, [DS] Lizard Queen in Israel, DUMBS & Genetic WEREWOLVES


A ✨SPIRITUAL✨GANGSTER: AJ Roberts ⚔️Distinguished COMBAT WARRIOR⚔️ on his family’s Divined Link to TRUMP, #17 & Awakening💫CONSCIOUSNESS

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We also tap into the hidden, sacred power within us all to become vibrantly healthy, sovereign like superman, and wildly wealthy leveraging digital assets and more right now.

Tune in by Following us as we delve deep into subjects which impact the lives of you and your loved ones right now to survive and THRIVE during the global collapse — discover a realm of infinite possibilities which exist in your life this very moment — as we use raw truth and (at times) unpolitically correct comedy to stand against the great reboot of globalists, to erase the demonic tyranny sweeping earth while enabling the greatest awakening of all time.

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Watch all of our episodes on Rumble

Watch all of our episodes on Rumble

Be Your Own Nesara Part Three


August 18th at 11am ET, 2pm ET, and 5pm ET

Learn more about Rahm Roast

The Science Behind the Business of Healthy Coffee

In the world of Starbucks, Dunkin’ and the thousands of coffee shops and barista-driven specialty cafes on most street corners around the world, coffee continues to be a part of our everyday lives. A warm drink which was a simple early-riser morning concoction (Folgers and Maxwell House) for my parents while growing up, coffee is now an ongoing daily staple to keep us energized, focused and mentally driven to get through our day. 

Healthcare executive, scientific formulator for The ROOT Brands, patent innovator and author Dr. Christina Rahm talks about her latest beneficial brew release.